Before coaching, I was stressed and demanding in my romantic relationships and thanks to our work I have been able to see what was really important for me in a relationship and who the right person is for me.

I am now dating an ex of mine from four years ago and I’m really enjoying my time with him compared to before.  He is ticking most of the boxes and I am really at peace this time in my choice and how things are going.  We have been together for 5 months and it’s a very peaceful yet fun relationship.

What I got out our sessions was a sense of calm, I gained inner peace, and time to meditate and relax.

I appreciated how caring and serious about the hypnotherapy processes Tracey was, always making sure I was happy with what we were doing and never imposing anything on me.

Tracey was very professional and calm yet at the same time we laughed together so we had a good connection and I felt at ease straight away.

Carole, Business Entrepreneur, Cambridge - UK

Having had a deep-rooted fear of the underground for over 15 years, and a phobia of being shut in confined spaces like public toilets, cars, and even rooms without windows.  I was tired and needed a normal life.   If not for me, for my children.

Tracey made me feel at ease, and reassured me I wasn’t mad! And that I can unlearn the pattern of behaviour I had come to feel secure with.

In our weekly sessions, Tracey made me feel relaxed, calm and gave me the confidence and belief that I could change and I did!

After a few sessions I couldn’t believe how great I felt! Travelling on the tube with my children! Locking myself in public toilets.  It really has changed my life and opened up my world!

I would definitely recommend Tracey.  I am so thankful for our sessions.  I am happy that I found someone so understanding, reassuring and committed to helping me get over my fears and phobias.

Thank you!!!

Self-Employed, London - UK

Being coached by Tracey has been such a great experience for me.  I was having a difficult time with family issues, and especially the relationship I had with my mother.  I needed to work on how to organise and focus my mind, and with Tracey’s help, every week, I explored new ideas which helped me to get to grips with the challenges I was facing.

It wasn’t that she just listened to me, she also gave me tools and referred me to additional books, websites and podcasts which would support me between sessions.

Another brilliant outcome for me was that I was also able to improve my financial situation following some money coaching we explored during our sessions.

I gained the self-confidence I needed to achieve my goals, and I became more aware of my thinking so that I could change the things that weren’t working for me.

I really recommend Tracey Barreto, because she is not only a great professional coach, but also a great woman with a beautiful and huge heart, and she makes you feel comfortable from the very first moment that you speak to her.

English Teacher, Madrid - Spain

Tracey completely surpassed my expectations.  Without a planned appointment, Tracey gave me her extended and undivided attention. It was like talking to a friend that I have known for years. 

I find Tracey engaging and engaged.  I like the way she draws on her past professional experience with the tips and techniques that she shares. 

I gained new valuable insight and would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey to others. 

Tracey offers good, wholesome and timely listening skills – priceless!

Information Governance and Security Specialist, London - UK

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