How do you get inspired daily with one simple word? A single word is a useful way to start your yearly vision and planning because it’s a way to keep life simple. It’s a bit like creating an inspirational ‘North Star’ for your entire year.

In my last blog, I talk about how creating a vision board can help with connecting with your desires, setting goals and taking action.  But, if making a vision board really isn’t to your taste, then consider choosing a word to inspire you this year.  Adopting a single inspirational word is a great way to simplify life and install a powerful reminder for your key desires and priorities. Exactly how, you may ask?

Why Choose a Word?

Words are powerful, so, spend some time reflecting on what you want this upcoming year to look like. How do you want to improve your personal life? Where do you want your career or business to go in this next season? What single word would encapsulate the feeling or value you wish to hold uppermost in your mind and heart?

Because we live in an overcrowded, busy, technological world, a single word is very easy to focus on. So, having that one word is attractive for your mind to embrace and to remember.

Keeping this word at the forefront of your mind makes setting boundaries and making better decisions easier. Having a guiding principle that you have decided is of upmost importance makes everything else much more straightforward. It makes life infinitely more centred and settled.

Don’t Stress When Choosing a Word

If choosing a word to describe your upcoming year is causing you stress, however, it may not be the right exercise for you.

Setting goals and choosing words are about inspiration and empowerment, so allow yourself the chance to dream what you want your life to look like and work toward achieving those dreams. Remember, there are two ways to handle life: reacting to things that happen TO you or making things happen yourself.

So, if you seek to be proactive, you are in a better position to nurture and grow your own kind of happiness. If you’re constantly reacting to things, you’re at the whim of others’ agendas and life circumstance. A word of advice: Don’t let any person or circumstance steal your joy! But, more importantly, if you are affected by circumstances beyond your control, just know, there is always a way to see the silver lining and the gift; you just have to figure out the answer.

I Chose My Word…Now What?

Quite simply, post that word somewhere in your home or office where you’ll see it daily. The idea is that you’ll become motivated the more you see your chosen word. That word will help you recognise good opportunities that you may have missed in the past.

  • Set up reminders on your phone, with your word.
  • Incorporate meditating on that word into your morning or evening routines.
  • Share your word with others for accountability.
  • Write it in your planner.
  • Set up a digital wallpaper for your computer with that word.

And if you’re a list person, write out action plans for the month so you know what should happen next to make progress. Use your word to guide your choices, reject distractions, and keep coming back to live your highest intentions.

Allow that word to sink into your brain so that you can take daily actions toward your desired results.

Because, sometimes, all it takes is a simple word to give us the motivation to move forward in life. And you, therefore, won’t need to set aside hours to set your annual goals.

Finally, a single word is important because it can move us out of overwhelm, frustration or feeling scattered.

So, what will yours be?

Of course, if you still wish to complete a vision board, I’d love to have you visit one of my Vision Board Retreats which run on every last weekend of the month throughout this year.